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Nature has blessed every country with unique things. Every place has something new & special to its own. While some countries have beautiful landscapes, overwhelming sceneries and beaches, others have great medical facilities in store. Contrasting cultures and business prospects are some other things that interest people to visit another country,Attracting many people across continents to visit, for work, pleasure as well as for medical tourism. Mascot Immigration Consultants is known to have set a benchmark for Tourist Visa Services and one of the best Tourist Visa Consultant in India.

Reading lots of exhaustive guidelines to fill application forms can be quite frustrating and consumes lot of time. With this the guidelines are transformed wrong which could lead to errors while filling the form. We value our time as well as yours and the hard-earned money invested by you as the processing fee and other miscellaneous charges. The rules for Tourist visa keeps on changing very frequently for all the major countries like Canada, Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand to name a few.

Besides offering assistance in filling the visa application forms and other documents as per the respective guidelines of various countries, our visit visa team never falls short of giving their best output & taking care of all your queries and see to it that you get your visa without any hurdles.

Free pre-assessment is one of our services that give a go ahead to our mutually respectable relationship. This involves a free of charge assessment of your background information against the Tourist visa’s eligibility conditions for the country you wish to visit. We proceed with your visa case only if the assessment result is positive. So, you are obviously in a win-win situation and have nothing to lose.